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Publication Uneversum: Rhythms and Spaces

The publication “Uneversum: Rhythms and Spaces” accompanies the exhibition of the same name, which is open 27.10.2023-7.04.2024. The book features some of the participating artists, designers and writers, who have drawn on their fields of activity and research to shed light on the different aspects of the exhibition dedicated to the sleeping space in its broader sense. It includes the “Uchronia Manifesto” and four longer essays, such as “Uchronia, the Temporal Utopia. An Essay on Synchronisation Processes and Alternative Time” by Helga Schmid, “Screen, Saver” by David Reinfurt, “Contours of Sleep” by Tõnis Jürgens, and “The Bed as an Idea” by Sandra Nuut. In addition to the articles, the publication contains a selection of exhibition views photographed by Anu Vahtra. 

The publication, which is in Estonian and English, was designed by Ranno Ait (WWW) and published by the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design.
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